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JVC Ultimate Sleeping Earplugs, 35dB Noise Reduction, Water Resistance, Carrying case, Additional Ear-Pieces

Color: White

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About This Item
Key Feature
  • EPA approved.
  • Included the convenient pouch to carry.
  • Suit for the purpose: Marshmallow earpiece for high sound isolation, silicon earpieces for comfortable fit.
  • JVC's unique Air Cushion delivers the ultimate fit for comfort during long hour use.
  • Easy to wear with finger -fit indentation
  • High isolation with 29 dB (NRSA max.35dB)
  • First class comfort fit and high sound protection
  • Waterproof for daily use.
  • Earphone modeled with a stylish design which redefines the image of earplugs
Technical Specifications
  • Compatible for HA-FW1000T, HA-FW1800, HA-FD01, HA-FW01, HA-FDX1, HA-FWX1
Product Support
  • Carry the Silence

    The EP-S433 ear plug is designed for people who want to focus on work, study, reading, sleeping, or enjoying a calm environment without sound. It is a new model developed for diversified lifestyles.

  • JVC's unique Air Cushion

    The Air Cushion silicone structure gently presses against the ear and provides a comfortable fitting that prevents discomfort
    when using for long hours or even when sleeping.

  • Transform the image of earplugs with a modern design

    Get earplugs that offer increased sound insulation of 35dB* for better focus and hearing protection.

  • Be the only one with a limited edition piece. Don't miss out on owning a one-of-a-kind product.